BREAKING: Ubisoft Announces Sequel to Tom Clancy’s The Division



MONTREAL, CANADA — July 14, 2016 — Gaming powerhouse Ubisoft is proud to announce that it is beginning work on yet another Tom Clancy game that will follow the events of The Division. The new game is beginning development today, and the confirmed title is Tom Clancy’s The Multiplication.

“With our recent success of both Rainbow Six Siege and The Division, it only made sense to continue carrying the Tom Clancy torch,” Robert Descartes, company director for mathematical games at Ubisoft, said. “The Multiplication will virtually be the same game as The Division, just with more everything. We thought we could have improved on The Division by literally multiplying everything in the game by a multiple of two or four. If you thought it was fun playing with a team of four, imagine 16!

“The Multiplication will most likely be followed up with two more games, but based on the order of operations, we have to move forward with this one first,” Descartes said. “We really don’t have a release date yet, but given our timeline for the Division, we are thinking sometime in 2020.”

Details will continue to be released, but for now, this is what we can tell you:

– Two times the objectives
– Four times the loot
– Team up with up to 15 other gamers
– Double the price: $120
– Sold with flash cards and graphing calculator for easy multiplication of strategies
– Will be followed by two more follow-up games tentatively trademarked as The Addition––where you can add one more player to your team––and The Subtraction––where you can subtract one player from your team.




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